Published January 20, 2013 by z24racerchic

I started stockpiling items years ago before this “doomsday prepper” thing was in. I started storing extras and multiples that I got cheap in case of a emergency, in case we were low on money, in case of unemployment. That was a good thing because when I was unemployed I could go without going to the grocery store except for the occasional necessities bread, milk, eggs, meat, etc.

I currently have been stockpiling a bit more in closets, etc whenever I can not because I am worried about the next nuclear blast, solar flare, economic collapse, etc…. More for the prices of stuff going up due to inflation.

I get things at stores on sales/clearance with coupons and I store them in closets that I have modified to hold extra stuff and also cabinets that are against the walls of the garage where I park my car. THis helps so much. Here is a list of necessities that I dont have to buy for a long time and how long of a stockpile I have. I will not pay out of pocket for a lot of these now, but free I will take.

-Shampoo and conditioner…probably a years worth for me and my husband. No joke.
-Razors…the same.
-Shave gel/lotion/cram same over a year.
-Makeup for me a good probably 6+ months
– First aid supplies…way over a year.
-Candles…for emergency a ton!
– Lightbulbs since I hate CFL and flourescent that have mercury. Probably a couple years worth.
-Oil lamps and oil a big supply for emergency use.
– Pasta- over six months I am sure.
-Pickles probably a few months worth.
-FLoor clearner- a year.
-Toilet paper..not much…working on it..
-Paper towels probably 4-5 months.
-Hand soap…over a year..
-Dishwashing liquid…over a year.
-Canned veggies 1-2 months.
– Tissues…6 months
– Tylenol, Advil…probably a year
-Body lotion…over a year…
-Body wash.. over a year for me and hubby
-Deoderant…Over a year for me and hubby.

I always try to keep multiples of everything. Storage can get a little hairy and crowded, but am working on making things more organized. It is hard, but it is a good idea to have a small stockpile of stuff in case of hard times with money because you never know when the unexpected can happen.


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