Feeling alone

Published April 9, 2013 by z24racerchic

Since I started paying attention to what is in our food, trying to cut out most of the junk, following different homesteading blogs, trying to save and looking at the world around us, I have increasingly got this feeling of being alone. I don’t know if it is the fact that when I talk to people about gardening, how excited I am for ours, the idea of learning how to can and even more the crap that is in our food I am looked at like I have six heads and conversations turn or I have heard the “you can just go to the store and get rolls” or “You can pay $2 for a loaf of bread”.

My mom listens to me, my husband does. My friends no. I try to share Ideas. Try to share the ingredients in foods. I know I am not alone because of what I have seen others post, but I feel it.

I like the way that I have made my own bread, just managed to make homemade sausage gravy, homemade brownies, etc.. Though if I was going to have a career in making homemade rolls, I would fail because for that I have not mastered yet….but I am determined.

I have bought a pressure canner off of Ebay. It is vintage, not ancient, but older. i am excited and nervous to try it. My seedlings are up and I am excited about maybe trying to tackle dehydrating food.

I guess after writing the above and looking back, I am not really alone, maybe if I am alone, I am all right with that. People have their differences.


2 comments on “Feeling alone

  • Keep it up. You are doing important things for your family and yourself by providing safe, natural food. Society as a whole doesn’t value hard work and doesn’t know how to appreciate the way food was intended to be grown and preserved. It is easy to be discouraged, but there are a whole lot of us out there that are passionate about natural, chemical free food (and life!). : )

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